How to tell which charities a company supports?

How can you tell which charities a company supports? Do they put this in an annual report? If so, what section?

Most corporate entities do not itemize their charitable - or political - donations. Some might, and you can infer good corporate values from that. You might find commentary about this in the company’s Annual Report, though there is no reporting requirement to do so. Some companies want to brag about supporting popular charities for the positive PR value. But many do not. For some companies, charitable contributions are driven by employee interest - company matching opportunities, or companywide-votes to adopt a charity.

Here’s one article I found after a quick search:

Corporations, unlike foundations, don’t exist to give money away. Businesses usually are looking to benefit in some way from their philanthropy…

This asks the question from a different perspective (that of grant seekers), listing companies that have the highest rate of charitable giving:

Who thinks the best way to find out which charities a company donates to is to contact Investor Relations and ask; either they will give you an answer or tell you that the information is not publicly available…

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