How women are woman's tweet blows up


This MAY have to do with her not researching the contracting rates for the role that she was performing in the geographic area that she was providing those services in.

She was a contractor - not an employee - so she gets to set her rates as she thinks the market would demand. Obviously she struck out on that dimension.

I disagree that this is about pay discrimination - although most peeps will probably consider me “un-woke” for posting this. This is an apples to oranges comparison in my opinion.



Most of the article was on the pay disparities for women in the same work.

You did not read the article…were you awake to read it? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I read it. That’s how I knew she was a contractor comparing her rates to a job posting for the job that she was doing. I’m awake dude.



Then again that was before the transparency law in NYC. You do not have the order of events right.

article snippet

Her tweets caught the attention of women in particular, many of whom noted how the salary transparency law in New York City was opening more people’s eyes to the gender pay gap.

My comment men play baseball all day long against people. There is no surprise there. That is the nature of competition. It is a weapon against women and minorities.

There’s a real shortage of workers in home construction. But I guess that wouldn’t be a good fit for entitled poet princess.


Pay will be going up in home construction faster than inflation in most years going forward. These days more women will be in the trades. Not what you were expecting?

I love how you generalize with phrases like this and others that cite “en masse” - Generalities.

Here’s a FACT - Our 25 year old “contractor special” asphalt driveway needed to be replaced a few years ago. I recalled seeing “John Cooper” Asphalt Services trucks in our area quite a bit. They were black and shiny and had a bright green Cooper logo and 4 leaf clovers on the trucks.

When considering which contractor to get pricing from, they were the first place I contacted because their trucks were maintained well, and they seemed to do lots of business in the area. I set up an appointment with the scheduling service to have someone come out, look at the job and give us a quote.

I was expecting John Cooper.

NOPE. Denise Cooper showed up. She’s the daughter of the late John Cooper and took over the business. She gave us a competitive price and we hired her and her team. They did a great job for us.

Some men don’t play baseball against women and minorities. But then again, some people generalize “en masse” all day long too.



I see women out on the xc ski trail all of the time. Some of them are extremely athletic, fast/strong/great balance. They blow by me on a regular basis, and I never think, gee I’m getting smoked by a girl,lol. I think, dang they are good skiers.
I never watch the WNBA, but I would bet money that those female hoopers would beat the living daylights out of 95% of men who play basketball recreationally, no contest.

Denise Cooper probably decided that it’s best to keep her Dad’s name on the trucks to circumvent societal bias that women “can’t do men’s work”. Good on you for not even blinking about using her company for the work.

I’m no bleeding heart lib, but If people can do the job, they can do the job, doesn’t matter 1 bit what type of private body parts they have, lol.


A carpet cleaning company in metro Detroit. originally founded by two guys, is now run by their daughters. Women have been getting it done for decades. Read about Grace Hopper, or Pancho Barnes. I am looking forward to the day when women accomplishing things is treated as routine as men accomplishing things.

These days, that gets you denigrated as a wokie. We old phartz remember the pushback to the ERA, by the “traditional American family values” crowd. Some in Congress have been trying to start the process on another ERA, but haven’t even been able to get the legislation to the floor for a vote, in years.



yeah sure two weeks ago you weren’t seeing well trained doctors…if they were female. Must be my problem, you got surprised a woman came to do your driveway. Proof I tell you! Proof!

Yeah Joe, you are being far too openminded. Lets play baseball against the wokes. We will pick teams. I want 38 on my team. We will get those wokes yet.

For instance this sort of things is where the wokes do not know their place.
NYT by line

The producer, Abby Grossberg, said that the effort to place blame on her and Maria Bartiromo, the Fox Business host, was rooted in rampant misogyny and discrimination.

My comment this is in reference to a lawsuit getting some attention. Grossberg is now suing Fox as well. Guess she was not on the team.

My philosophy is set the standard and see who qualifies. Prime example, fire fighters. Don’t care who or what you are as long as the physical standards are met. Don’t want to die in a house fire because the standard was lowered to get more females and they were unable to drag my unconscious body out the building.

FWIW, used to workout at the same time in the gym as a female fire fighter. While she couldn’t match me pound for pound lifting, she was probably 70% and strong enough. Could run me in the ground though.


The bigger problem women who do meet the qualifications for whatever are still underpaid. Not in every single case but as a group that is true. That does not even take into account the activities were women dominate the field and are underpaid, childcare comes to mind. Good luck getting many guys who are fit to do that job. The guys that are do something else for more money generally.

I agree that everyone should meet the minimum standards to qualify, regardless of gender, race, religion,… it’s too important.

The last xc ski race I did in February, got passed by 4 or 5 females. They looked really, really strong. I stayed with them long enough to see them do a hard uphill section, which requires a lot of upper body strength ( total body strength, actually ), and they climbed really well. They just look like athletes. They ski’d in college, and they’ve carried their fitness with them to these “citizen races”, and they smoke the majority of us old men in the races. Don’t know what they do for a living, but I’d have a lot of trust in their ability to do a hard, physically demanding job.

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Waitressing is a hard job that demands full body strength. Plus timing that many people do not have.