HUBS: Looks like great results

Revenue up 51%

Subscription Revenue (recurring) up 55% and makes up 94% of revenue

Adj Op Margin was -3.9%, a large improvement over -13.2% last year

Loss per share was 7 cents, a large improvement over 17 cents last year.

Cash was $148 million

Operating Cash Flow was $8.6 million, up from $1.6 million a year ago, and from $3.2 million sequentially (which had been the previous quarterly record).

Customer Count up 29% from last year and up 5.7% sequentially.

Subscription Revenue per Customer $12,000, up 18%(!) from $10,100

Their $10.6 million in 12 month trailing Operating Cash Flow really illustrates nicely how the accounting system hides the profit of a SaaS subscription model company, as they are still showing a substantial trailing net income “loss.”