Hubspot and inbound marketing

If you are like me you know little about marketing and thus even less about "inbound marketing " ( AKA and maybe better described as Permissive Marketing,) here are some example links……

and most useful to me this one, especially the swimming pool success . Talk about a business hit hard by recessions……

Is conventional marketing broken with the rise of the internet? I am not sure. Maybe it’s just dented.
This is important to me because once those in an industry realize something is broken they will rush to keep up with their peers, a lot of word of mouth free self selling
HUBS barely meets my rule of going up a lot in a bull market. Stickiness revenue growth subscriptions etc are great, why is the stock price sluggish ?

the figure of a 5.7 times the number of leads after one year of use is impressive. But how many of these leads convert into sales?

I own about a dozen stocks heavily concentrated in TSLA NVDA AMZN and SHOP. All big winners but am still looking for others to diversify . Diversify inside tech, not outside it.
In a big bull about the only time you can find “bargains” in these fast growers is a bogus FUD event. Like the Obamacare thing with PAYC.

My big holdings were picked outside of Saul’s board but this is nevertheless a great source, many of my smaller holdings come from here.
So Congrats to all the posters, probably the largest number of informed guys in one place to be found on the internet.