Humour in Gas and Politics

When Justine was among the first to ban Russian crude, he didn’t mention that we hadn’t imported any in years. }};-D

He texted me yesterday as he’s been reading METaR and got the impression from someone’s posts that I have influence with the US administration and the big guys in the oil patch. Asked me to let them know that we could probably spare enough to make up for much of the missing half million barrels a day or so from Russia and have them call. We can move it by pipeline or if preferred on trains but not by tanker unless you want it dropped off in California.

I told him that my portfolio contains only about half a dozen positions mostly under $20K in the industry and he should perhaps ask the experts with far more influence than me.

Anyone else want to blame me for being personally responsible for the Canadian Energy Business? While recs are limited the ignore button isn’t.


Validation in Canadian oilpatch as world focuses on energy security, abandons Russian crude

U.S., U.K. bans on Russian oil presents opportunity for Western Canadian energy companies

Kyle Bakx · CBC News · Posted: Mar 09, 2022 4:00 AM ET


Speaking of Justine, he has popped up in Germany talking to the German Parliament where the Germans are discussing LNG and Oil as well as cooperation on Hydrogen projects. LNG lacks east coast outlets. All the ones we are working on are intended for the Asian market.

Justine would like everyone to have a Carbon Tax modeled on ours. I have a feeling that would go over like a lead balloon south of our border … 50 different states each allowed to come up with their own version as long as it meets certain criteria or have the Federal version mandated on them. }};-@

y’all have Nickel & Copper in Canada, why do y’all want to Mine sota (Minnesota)?

Canadians operating out of British Virgin Islands (very normal??)

Canadians operating out of British Virgin Islands (very normal??)

Never heard of them, … Tax Haven?

Canadian mining companies also mine in Cuba, lots of good stuff including nickel and Cobalt.

The natural resources of Cuba include nickel, iron ore, cobalt, chromium, silica, copper, salt, timber and petroleum. Nov 5, 2012