Hybrid work leaves offices empty and building owners reeling

Oh I hear you both, have seen same myself, and that is not my big grump. It is that we are now at the point where humans and AIs are jointly robbing the world of spontaneity, actual creativity, and the joyful comprehension of the diaphane between wondrous sentient life and mere imitation in search of “likes”.

Grumpity grump grump grump!

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Most of the time this is true. Especially with low value skills. But one of my kids has. a friend that interned at Google and was paid quite well (around $8k/month plus a few other valuable perks).

The reason interns are not considered “headcount” is because they aren’t permanent employees. “Headcount” is used for all sorts of future estimating tasks, especially for budgetary purposes, and wouldn’t be very useful if they include temporary folks in it.

Someone actually did this a few decades ago (literally with the newspaper stock pages and an actual dart). And they did a relatively long period of testing. And, sure enough, it beat most expert managers! I can’t find a link to it right now.

They have AI phone call systems that add some random “spontaneity” nowadays. Like an AI bot customer service line that will randomly check the weather in your area, and if it’s stormy it’ll say “some weather we’re having today?” or “did you feel that big storm that just passed through?” or will simply interject some other random snippet of small talk that has no relationship to the purpose of the call. I haven’t experienced any of them, or at least I don’t know if I have, but as AI gets better and better, maybe we won’t distinguish between them and humans anymore (“Turing test”?) Heck, maybe therapists will be among the first groups to have their jobs taken over by AI in large numbers?


Seriously. This.

Do cube dwellers ever have a window? You could commute to work by walking through a door to the core of the building.

Seems a vast waste of resources to leave that much real estate vacant.


I doubt the galley slaves would be able to afford an apartment in the same building. The swells who can afford an apartment would probably be offended at having to ride the same elevator as the Proles, so the elevators would need to be segregated. residents vs Proles. “Resident” elevators only open onto the residential sides of the building. Prole elevators only open into the core.


I was thinking the would have 2nd jobs as cooks, housekeepers, and nannies for the important people. Maybe even get use of a second bedroom as part of their pay. No, surely I didn’t mean “they’d rent a unit in the same building.”

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That was the WSJ Dartboard Portfolio.




I saw this one when I searched, but the one I’m remembering predates this one by a decade or two. I think it was sometime in the 80s or 90s, during the period when Peter Lynch and his Magellan fund was the biggest Wall Street star.

I think Barron’s might have had a dartboard portfolio for a while, too.



NFT cards were generated. But the layers in the folders were made by a human being. The odds each layer would be used were randomly generated. The software has been openly available for a few years. New card projects are worthless.

I went hands-on for 200 animations. Talk work. Work Work Work.

Opposite me is artblocks.io it is more generated than cards and is made up of animations.


AI or generated at some point does not have a copyright. Public domain is getting some value when AI. That is going to fall flat on its face.

NVDA GeForce uses AI in components of the hardware. That is adding quality to the video. If you will filling in for the problems with going frame to frame or the distance into a scene. Fair enough. It is not the creative process.

Machines can not get value in the creative process. The USCO puts it in the PD.

If you make an NFT with PD images everyone has every right to make other NFTs out of it. That has not been tested yet. When it does the marine is going to hit the fan.

(what is the sound of blank hitting the fan? Marine)