Hydrogen hub planned in the South for six major utilities


Did they indicate what “color” the hydrogen would be?

  • Gold or white hydrogen – natural hydrogen from geological sources.
  • Green hydrogen – electrolysis of water with no GHG emissions.
  • Blue hydrogen - steam reforming to separate hydrogen from natural gas with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).
  • Grey hydrogen – as above but no CCS.
  • Brown and black hydrogen – made from coal gasification (if there’s CCS = blue hydrogen).
  • Turquoise hydrogen – pyrolysis of natural gas produces solid carbon.
  • Yellow hydrogen - direct water splitting.
  • Purple/pink hydrogen - nuclear power.



IMO, most customers wouldn’t care. Because trying to keep all the different colors separated from each other would be incredibly expensive to build AND maintain as a viable fuel source based on color (origin).


Hydrogen is a commodity which will be swapped and interchanged in the market place. Probably mostly by pipeline.

So of course we will monitor the percentage in the market that is green and lobby for increases.

If you invest in equipment that uses hydrogen, you want a reliable source of supply (at competitive pricing). Most would not invest without that. So hub is a critical element moving to the next level. Yes, green hydrogen is important but not a major concern to those making buy decisions. Availability is much higher on the priority list.

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