Hydroponics for Renewable Energy

In the early days of ethanol for gasoline, ADM started hydroponics to grow vegetables to use waste heat from ethanol distillation. They are still at it–

"The first few years were dedicated to research and development, and many species were experimentally cultured, including catfish, hybrid striped bass, tilapia, freshwater shrimp, prawns, American and African bullfrogs, and others. Tilapia was the species eventually selected for commercial production due to its ease of breeding, durability, market demand, and most importantly, efficiency at converting feed into animal protein.

The hydroponics/aquaculture operation has grown to 10.5 acres (4.25 hectares) under roof. It currently produces an average of 100,000 heads of lettuce and 20,000 cucumbers, as well as several thousand pounds of tilapia fish, every month of the year."


We don’t hear much about it but hydroponics is still a good way to use waste heat (and maybe consume some of that CO2).

We should do more of it.