I bonds into trust

Just set up i bond account Treasury Direct, can I move them into I bond trust account when I set one up later?

Treasury Direct allows a trust to set up an account. You can set up as many trust accounts as you have trusts. If you have a Revocable Living Trust whose Trust Identification Number (TIN) is the same as your Social Security number, you can still set up two trust accounts – one for Tuni and a separate one for the Tuni Revocable Living Trust. However, you can’t buy more than $10,000 per year of I-Bonds for a unique ID number.

You can set up your trust account today if you want to put your I-Bond into your Trust account. It’s better to keep the I-Bond in your trust than in your personal name.

You can retitle an I-Bond but it’s easier to just buy it in the trust in the first place. The registered owner or both co-owners need to complete a Request To Reissue United States Savings Bonds to a Personal Trust (FS Form 1851). Who needs more Treasury red tape if you can do it right in the first place?

If your Trust has a different TIN than your Social Security number you are allowed to buy $10,000 in each.

Thx, Wendy - very helpful - since I’ve already (mistakenly) set up the I Bond as “personal” can I transfer it (is there a method to do this?) into my Trust, though…