I couldn't have said it better.

imyoung, our new assistant board manager, made two excellent posts this morning. I really couldn’t have said it better. Here’s what he wrote

Dear regular posters and more experienced investors,

Saul has asked me to act as assistant board manager and as of today, I will help him run this Board, IMO the best in fooldom and I hope it will stay that way. It requires that we all cooperate and obey Saul’s Rules for this board as he has requested ad infinitum, not only in his weekly Monday Morning Rules of the Board,

short version: https://discussion.fool.com/monday-morning-rules-of-the-board-34……,
long version: https://discussion.fool.com/monday-morning-rules-of-the-board-34…

Saul has made it crystal-clear that basic investment questions are off-topic and not for this board.

You may want to be helpful to new investors, those expecting to be spoon-fed, or posters who occasionally swing by and obviously read none of what has been discussed so far, see my answer to this off-topic question: https://discussion.fool.com/dear-mark19601962-welcome-to-sauls-b…

By posting your answer, you not only clutter up this board but encourage these off-topic discussions, https://discussion.fool.com/understanding-the-companies-34181807…… The answers given have been supplied numerous times in many of the discussions on individual SaaS companies.

Please do as Saul requests and answer any off-topic question off-board. To do so, simply un-click “Post this Reply to the Boards” and click "E-Mail this Reply to the Author”.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I. M. Young

Dear mark19601962,

Welcome to Saul’s Board!

Since you have posted only a few times, you may not have noticed that this is not a board for general, basic investment questions and helpful, long-time followers of this board should have answered you off-board to avoid cluttering up this board with posts that contribute nothing to the analysis of high-growth stocks, the sole focus of this board.

I gather from the few posts you have contributed to this board, all off-topic, and your asking around on several boards about basic investment questions, that you are not an experienced investor and need more guidance than could or should be given here on Saul’s Board.

The following links will help you understand the purpose of this board and help you avoid posts that are not for Saul’s Board:

  1. Saul’s Monday Morning Rules of the board, the short version: https://discussion.fool.com/monday-morning-rules-of-the-board-34……, the long version: https://discussion.fool.com/monday-morning-rules-of-the-board-34…

  2. For Investing Novices. It will give you all the necessary links to BASIC investment questions: https://discussion.fool.com/strictly-for-investing-novices-34171…

  3. The Importance of Board Etiquette: https://discussion.fool.com/the-importance-of-board-etiquette-33…

  4. Saul’s Letter to His Daughter, a superb introduction to his development as an investor, his investment style and philosophy: https://discussion.fool.com/an-investing-primer-for-my-daughter-…

If, after reading all of the above you still have questions, please feel free to contact any of the helpful posters off-board by un-clicking “Post this Reply to the Boards” and clicking “E-Mail this Reply to the Author.”

Thank you for your cooperation!

I. M.


PS - If you go back 10 or so posts to imyoung’s posts, the links will all work.

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