I wonder if this is why AMD came in a little low last quarter!

Seeing Apple shifting over to their own chips makes me realize that this could be one reason why AMD had the quarter that they had with Apple starting to make their own chips. I have a feeling that this will be the trend for AMD…doc

Apple Introduces Faster MacBook Pros and Mac Minis (yahoo.com)

I think sort of indirectly. Intel had the Apple business and lost it. Both Intel and AMD have been constrained by capacity, but with the dramatic drop in demand both have excess capacity and even inventory now. Intel was very aggressive in moving that inventory resulting in a AMD losing some market share. In the next few weeks we will have a better picture of how Q4 went.

Thanks so much Alan. i’m wondering if the shift with Amazon to their own chips will also hit AMD…doc

The X86 market seems pretty stagnant. AMD will continue to grow by taking server share from Intel, as well as their market expansion opportunities with Pensando and Xilinx. Intels solution is to become the contract manufacturer for many of the “non X86” products.

Do you think we might have finally reached “peak x86”? If so, maybe we should all be looking at appropriate exit points from AMD, or hope that AMD has already seen this worrying trend and is trying to diversify into non-x86 chips. I suppose the Xilinx acquisition and AMD’s graphics cards are a good start.

I think you guys have missed your exit point. It will probably go lower but a 10 percent drop would be all I would think. Dropping 10 percent and then trying to get back in might be really hard. AMD’s story now is all about AI and in 5 years they will be much higher. I would look at their PC business bottoming this quarter or next and their Data center business to really start taking off.