IMF on UK policy

# IMF urges UK to ‘re-evaluate’ tax cuts in biting attack on fiscal plan

The IMF said it understood the UK government’s desire to help “families and businesses deal with the energy [price] shock” while “boosting growth” with supply-side reforms. But it raised the concerns that the tax cuts, which will disproportionately benefit high earners, “will likely increase inequality”.

“Increase inequality”? The foundation of “supply side economics” is throwing more money at the “JCs”. As the Beeb noted when this package was announced, the UK has the second highest income inequality among industrial democracies, only topped by Shiny-land. No-one should be surprised one bit. Truss ran for party leadership on a “pro-growth” platform, which we in Shiny-land know is code for shoveling more goodies into the hands of the “JCs”.


The UK has gone from a liar to a different liar and a cheat. Screwing them into the ground with mismanagement, but the IMF is being polite.

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