In US Renewable Generated Electricity Surpasses Coal

California produced 26% of the national utility-scale solar electricity followed by Texas with 16% and North Carolina with 8%.

The most wind generation occurred in Texas, which accounted for 26% of the U.S. total followed by Iowa (10%) and Oklahoma (9%).

“This booming growth is driven largely by economics,” said Gregory Wetstone, president and CEO of the American Council on Renewable Energy. “Over the past decade, the levelized cost of wind energy declined by 70 percent, while the levelized cost of solar power has declined by an even more impressive 90 percent.”


For a more detailed look at the renewable power sources, see the following from EIA. In this case, “renewables” is the total of Wind + Hydro + Solar PV + Biomass + Geothermal + Landfill Gas + Solar Thermal + Other miscellaneous sources.

The following link shows the renewables in relation to the non-renewable electricity sources.

Natural gas remains the largest single source of electricity in the US, as it has been since 2016. The intermittent renewables need dispatchable, controllable back up supplies, which are often provided by natural gas-fired power plants.

  • Pete

No expert here. But do not assume over the next decade this wont shift away from NG.