Industrial Real Estate Shortage

This is almost unbelievable. In St. Louis the large Chrysler plant closed a dozen years ago. Near two major interstates and served by two railroads. Yet it sat empty for years. The buildings were razed probably to reduce property taxes, insurance, and security costs while seeking owners.

Of course Volkswagen and Asian and European auto manufacturers probably want to be near seaports so they can easily import and export vehicles and parts. And they like right to work states with less union influence.

As internal combustion engines and thousands of parts for them go away, you would expect many opportunities to repurpose an auto plant.

Who’s asleep at the switch?


Likely nobody. No idea about the sites, but I would expect massive contamination of the whole area due to the assembly buildings, etc. Had that exact problem at the Ford plant (built 1925) and torn down about 2012-2015. Ford paid for cleanup, as that is a HUGE chunk of land on the Mississippi River in a “nice” area of town. Redevelopment has been ongoing for some years now.

Yes, Chrysler site is now occupied by Amazon, Wally World, and the St. Louis Budweiser distributor. Sites like that are available. Yes, someone must clean them up.

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