Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine (Redux)

So, rather than reading my raw thoughts as they unfolded through the prior postings, below is a full redux on the Infinite Capacity Engine topic that hopefully describes the research a bit better. Please read the post below, if you are interested, and ignore the rest!

Infinera created a banner for a new web page, but only the banner exists as of right now. A quick advanced search scan of the site shows the banner was the only update made in the last 24 hours.

The banner suggests there is an “Infinite Capacity Engine” to talk about or promote that will be “Taking Optical Transport to the Next Level”

Upon further investigation and digging, this capability is likely related to a set of forthcoming features known as the Advanced Coherent Toolkit, which talks about an “Optical Engine”:…

In addition, at the end of the article there was the following tease:

This is a primarily a technology announcement, however, with Infinera remaining coy about product release dates. “It’s very close to productisation – stay tuned,” said Mahajan.

Perhaps by getting that banner ready Infinera is even closer to a product announcement than we thought. The announcement may coincide with the upcoming OFC conference next week - a conference where Tom Fallon said to expect a bit of an information reset on just how far ahead they are in front of the competition.

Below is a link to a recent Morgan Stanley investor conference where this information is gleaned. After registering, fast forward to 19:30:…

Here is a loosely transcribed snippet from the call that divulges some form of announcement is coming:

Morgan Stanley analyst: When do you expect your 16QAM to be announced?

Tom: We’ve made one announcement - a vague announcement - around our optical portfolio. You’ll see us make more, less vague announcements at OFC.

We try not to talk too much about what we’re going to go do. I’ve had a couple of shareholders challenge me “Tom the world believes your leadership in this core technology (the PIC), that the gap has lessened.”

Shame on us, shame on me. We’ve kept quiet for too long.

Our gap has not shrunk, it has actually expanded. But nobody would know that because we haven’t talked about it. At OFC we’re going to fix that.