Infinera's metro aggregation contribution

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Following my search for more news I came across an interesting tidbit from Jefferies on Infinera:…

This is what I fixated on in the report:

The Jefferies team likes the stock into the second-quarter earnings print, which will be released on July 22. They also think the company could announce at the planned October 6 analysts day a Metro Core Wavelength-Division Multiplex, or WDM, product. They feel a Metro WDM product could expand Infinera’s Technology Acceptance Model from $4.5 billion to $15.0 billion.

I believe this is the first time I’ve seen an expressed portion of the metro aggregation market Infinera is expected to achieve. I’ve seen Infinera’s anticipated share for metro cloud, but metro aggregation is just barely arriving and I think we’ve just seen the result of some “private briefing” derived models just come to surface.

I would like to submit this detail to the group for review (especially FoolishErik if you’re reading).



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