INFN: A couple of metro updates

For those who still follow Infinera: a couple of marketing type updates. I’m not sure the updates can truly indicate closure of the big legacy Transmode customer signing their deal, but usually marketing updates come after a period of lessons learned and/or tangible experiences from engineering. Something worth packaging up to talk about.

  1. Infinera announced a name change for their TM and TG series to coincide with the “significant” integration progress made for products in the portfolio. The product series is now called XTM and XTG to sync up with the XTC series from legacy Infinera. A blog post about it is here:…

  2. Infinera released a video detailing a 5-step pre-staging process. The process enables their customers to cut their metro deployment times by 50%. The video is here:

  3. In case you were wondering just how unique the pre-staging process might be, a patent for “Network Planning and Optimization of Equipment Deployment” was awarded to Infinera this past January:



As usual a very informative post Kevin.
I am still sticking with INFN and it is still my largest holding even after this past 12 month pasting.
My basis is so low that I am still very much in the green, so I will just sit on it and see what happens over the next 24 months.
Came close to adding more, but figured that would just be tempting fate.
Anyway thanks for your work.