INFN: How far ahead?…

Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst – Intelligent Networking, at ACG Research stated: “Infinera is bringing massive multi-terabit capacity in an industry leading small footprint with its Infinite Capacity Engine. With fully tunable, programmable, 100G bandwidth slices and SDN control, service providers can dynamically and instantly modify their networks to match bandwidth demands with business imperatives. The Infinite Capacity Engine’s multi-terabit Layer 1 encryption technology provides an important and scalable layer of network security for service providers.”

Analysts DCD spoke to confirmed that Infinera has a two-to three year lead on the rest of the optical industry with this development. Those competitors include Ciena, Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) and Huawei which allegedly is the closest one behind Infinera. The Infinite Capacity Engine will be integrated into Infinera Intelligent Transport Network platforms customized for long-haul terrestrial, subsea, metro and data center interconnect networks to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to customers.