INFN: Level 3 announces multiyear deal w/ Google…

In a brief announcement Level 3 Communications revealed that it has reached a multi-year interconnection agreement with Google. The agreement is settlement free and is centred around the concept of a bit-mile balance. Effectively this means that the traffic calculation on each network is based on the formula of packet size x distance travelled.

This means that Level 3 is likely to be carrying more traffic long distance for Google. In contrast Level 3 Communications may be taking advantage of Google Fibre as Google looks to expand its reach within metropolitan areas. Google fiber is already located in Austin, Provo and Kansas City and is looking to add six more cities to its network soon.

The second part of the agreement will see additional interconnection locations added to the joint network. This will create greater bonds between the two networks enabling minimal additional latency for traffic carried between points on the two networks. It will also avoid the necessity to utilise a third network partner. Whether this will extend to a larger agreement between the two companies with regards to data centres and the provision of services is yet to be seen though.

News for Level 3 is also news for Infinera who service Level 3 for their long haul and interconnect needs.