INFN worth a look

I’ve owned this stock way too long but they finally seem to be entering the hockey stick part of their growth. They have the best 100gb product, telecoms are beginning to invest heavily in 100gb and it is finally beginning to show in INFN’s numbers.

EPS have turned positive, revenue is accelerating


like you’ve, I’ve held this one for a long time too. Nice to see that 17% pop in my portfolio this morning tho

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This was my largest position earlier this year. I started selling couple months back as I need funds to add stocks ideas from this board. Today it’s it’s back as my largest position. This time I sold some covered calls.

I still like it. Internet traffic, data network and cloud all growing and INFN is the best of the best technology out there. Also a new product is schedule to hit the market n December. YOY growth > 20% now and they are finally profitable.