Interesting Article CEO Snowflake

“Insiders said Slootman has torn up the do-gooder playbook of Big Tech’s liberal elite and replaced it with a hard-charging, profit-driven ethos that doesn’t pay lip service to things like diversity and social justice.”

“. . . his main concern is winning”

“With Scarpelli’s help, Slootman started cutting costs. The beloved chocolate snacks disappeared, and daily catered lunches were replaced by an in-house cafeteria that was still free but seen by some as a downgrade. The annual employee ski trip to the Ritz-Carlton in Lake Tahoe was canceled”

“After all, the former Snowflake executive said Slootman made it crystal clear that his No. 1 job was to make the shareholders money.”…

PS: Salesforce will ramp up their sales and marketing activities starting this quarter. According to the conference call they want to hire 1,200 new people and a lot of them in marketing and sales.

“Actually Q1 is a very, very big onboarding quarter. It will be probably the largest quarter of the year, because we are onboarding a lot of people in the sales and marketing organization in advance of our sales kickoff that we just had.”