Interesting NCAA NIL Money Stat

This is the first year that college athletes can make money off their name, image, or likeness by doing product endorsements or paid social media posts.

UConn Women’s basketball star Paige Bueckers makes $63,000 per social media post – more than the Top 9 male basketball players still in the tournament combined.…



Good for Page, she is an awesome player, but of course the big money is in football.
Bryce Young, the QB at football crazed Alabama, in the heart of football crazed deep South,
made close to $1,000,000 off of NIL last year. Young made more playing QB in college
than former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts made playing QB for the Philadelphia Eagles in
the NFL last year, lol.…

Heard an interesting interview that Dan Patrick did with Deion Sanders. Sanders coaches at
HBCU Jackson State, and is taking Jackson State to a high level of competiveness.
Patrick asked if they can compete with the likes of the SEC teams, Sanders laughed and said
that in no way can they pay players as much as Alabama does. Stated the $$$$$$$'s that Bryce
Young made, and said that no one can figure out what he is getting paid for. He’s not on
commercials, he’s not on billboards touting products, etc. It’s basically the golden
handshake at a much higher scale. Program boosters just want to throw money at the very
best players for some reason. So the football crazed southern schools will continue to
dominate. Southern Cal should also leap to the top, with a new coach and all of the money
sloshing around Hollywood, they will be able to pay prospective players at the same level
as the SEC teams.

I have no problem with the players taking the money. I do question why adults have some
psychological need to throw money at them, so the adult’s alma mater can win a game, but it’s
their money, they can do whatever they want with it.

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Bryce Young, the QB at football crazed Alabama, in the heart of football crazed deep South,
made close to $1,000,000 off of NIL last year.

Already small potatoes. Some kid has signed a deal that will potentially pay $2M/year. Local rumor has it that it is the QB that just committed to Tennessee.…

The big road block to USC making the leap, they are just one of thousands of entertainment options in LA. At SEC schools, they might not be the only thing but they are the biggest thing. Win in the SEC and you are a god for life. Win at USC, they might remember you 10 years from now.

With an imaginative PR department, you can make some good promos. This one is the best I’ve seen so far.…

NIL can be a positive. One UT kid started the basketball season promoted as a 1 and done. Good player but still very rough. Now projected very late 1st round/early 2nd. He would probably make more on an NIL deal, stay in college another year and improve his draft status, and hopefully further his education too.


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“NIL can be a positive”

I agree, I am all for the young athletes getting a piece of the massive money pie that they
play a huge role in generating, and it will keep some of them in college longer. Hopefully they’re
going to class, but if I was 19 or 20 and making a $million using my body, I think I’d be spending a lot more time training than reading,lol.

Other than some occasional viewing, they aren’t getting anything from me, other than being
a sporadic TV viewer. It must be old age, as I just am not that into spectator sports. I do watch some teams of local interest, but we’re not all that good at sports up north, so would much rather be active outdoors. But I don’t begrudge all of the fans their enjoyment, to each their own.

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