Int'l volunteer cyber army vs. Russia…

**Ukraine calls for volunteers to disrupt Russian websites.**

**Ukrainian officials asked volunteers from around the world to take down websites belonging to Russia’s government, banks and businesses, an effort that appeared to be partly successful.**

**Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s minister of digital transformation, tweeted that he was assembling an “IT army” on the chat platform Telegram. The channel, named “IT Army of Ukraine,” quickly grew to more than 150,000 users, and it directed them to websites to be targeted in cyberattacks.** [end quote]

We live in a brave new world where volunteers can fight effectively in a cyber war from thousands of miles away.

Putin has opened a can of worms. The GRU other and Russian hackers have caused a lot of mischief, but how can they compare to an international hacker force called to defend an underdog? I wonder how much Russian infrastructure is subject to cyber attack. I wonder how well the Russian defense computers will hold up against attacks from all sides, none of them from the U.S. government or any other central authority.

These hackers could turn against other central authorities in the future. This is a Macro trend that could cause a lot of mischief in the long run.