Investor Day Sunday Viewing…

I encourage anyone interested, to view the ExxonMobil Investor Day presentation.

Clicking ‘Join the Webcast’ will beam you in.

The body of it is 3 hours, broken up into High level, Environmental, Production, Q&A, CFO, Refining, Chemicals, Q&A, Environmental specifics.

Love or hate The Big Unit, I was struck by a few things:

  1. This O&G Operator is leaps and bounds ahead of the third world with regards to ‘responsible extraction’. In a world where societal license to operate exists (see Russia), this low cost of supply operator is immensely more reliable and responsible.

  2. The presentation itself was actually well done, and engaging. I did go through a cup of coffee, but it was very well done.

  3. I was struck by how coherent the plans were. They actually made sense, and the logic behind them was sound. Last night, a battle was fought within the confines of a nuclear power plant. I cannot express enough how refreshingly logical and coherent the plans are.

  4. The CFO Kathy Mikells is an excellent fit. She is a no nonsense, logical, accurate, engaging, likeable personality on what could otherwise be a nameless, faceless supplier of society’s molecules. She strikes me as the kind of lady that fixes lunches for the kids, goes to work, coaches a soccer team, makes sure the kids do their homework before bed, reviews tasks for the next day, and then heads to bed. No nonsense is what comes to mind.

  5. ExxonMobil is the world’s largest chemical company. I could even a see a Dow Chemical acquisition in the future. Put Jim Fitterling on the board.

  6. I forced myself to watch every minute of the environmental sections. First, it wasn’t bad to watch. Second, I was pleased to see that ExxonMobil will not be wasting endless amounts of money to capture diffuse carbon streams from the air. Third, it basically puts the ball in government’s court. ExxonMobil is taking actionable steps to sequester carbon, and like other nations around the world, if the USA is serious, it needs to subsidize it.

Ok, enjoy!