iOS Update Bug: App Compatibility Issue

Recently, I updated my iPhone to the latest iOS version (iOS 15.3), excited to explore the new features and improvements. However, upon completing the update, I encountered a perplexing issue – several of my frequently used apps seem to be malfunctioning or crashing unexpectedly.

After some troubleshooting, it appears that the problem lies in compatibility between the latest iOS update and certain third-party apps. These apps worked perfectly fine prior to the update, but now they either fail to launch altogether or crash shortly after opening.

I’ve tried various troubleshooting steps, including reinstalling the problematic apps, restarting my device, and even resetting the settings, but the issue persists. It’s frustrating because some of these apps are crucial for my daily tasks and productivity.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem after updating to iOS 15.3? Are there any known workarounds or fixes for this compatibility issue? I’m eager to hear others’ experiences and any potential solutions that might resolve this issue. Thanks in advance for your help! :grinning: :upside_down_face:

You are probably using an older iPhone. The latest version of iOS is 17.4.

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You might check with the app developers and see if they have a version that will work with that version of iOS. I had a different problem last year; all the apps I used would no longer work with my 6+ and I had to buy a new phone in order to make use of the apps. And then a month or so ago two apps would no longer work until I had updated to the most recent version of iOS. I’m not particularly fond of the new world we inhabit; but I’ll manage.


This article will tell you what the latest iOS you can run on whatever model iPhone you have… Might be time to move along…

We had to give up on our iPhone 11’s after things got a bit dicey…

There are refurbished iPhones via Apple, or sometimes providers, like Verizon have trade-ins they will sell…

(BTW, the vintage of the OP’s iPhone is unknown when I wrote this.)

There are a few issues at play here. First, Apple supports its phones for a long time, but there are levels of support. If iOS 15.3 is the latest iOS that will run on your iPhone, you have an old iPhone that is being supported only to the level of getting critical security updates.

Second, app developers support their apps only so much as they choose to do so. If you have apps that you bought with a single payment a long time ago, the likelihood that they are being supported decreases significantly over time. As Apple moves its OS forward, often apps must change to keep working properly, sometimes because they were doing something that worked only accidentally, and now it doesn’t, and sometimes because Apple has changed the app requirements. But if the app is not being supported, or if it is only being supported for the newer versions of the OS, then in your situation you’re out of luck.

Anyway, the basic truth is that software is somewhat fragile, and poorly written (or cutting edge) software tends to be more fragile than most. So it breaks and requires somebody to fix it.

If you really want things to keep working to the maximum extent just as they are, then never update anything. But, of course, then bugs and security holes remain unfixed. And, in any case, there are things that change that you can’t control – apps interact with outside resources that may change in a way that require app updates.

There’s no perfect solution. My approach is to keep the software maximally updated and the hardware never more than a few years out of date. If my hardware gets to the point where it no longer supports the latest OS,. that indicates to me that it’s past time to update it. Some people keep their software updated, but always wait on major releases having gotten their first bug fix updates (i.e. never take a .0 release, wait for .1). That’s reasonable too.

But nothing is perfect. What you’re seeing is just a typical failure mode of the approach you’re taking.



I try and reboot again after the update is installed. This seems to help with issues. The most current update i thought my iphone was using battery faster than in the past. I rebooted and it seems better now imho…doc