iPhone Sales Tank


Apple’s smartphone sales tumbled 10% last quarter, according to market research firm IDC, as sales in China fell sharply.

The company has lost momentum in China as nationalism, a rough economy and increased competition have hurt Apple over the past several months.

Could Apple be a casualty in the US-China economic war?

If not anti-US, maybe anti-west? Toyota and Honda are gaining market share in China, but the US big three aren’t the only ones losing share.

VW, the market leader in China, Market share 2016: 12.70%, 2022: 10.65%

Chevrolet share 2016 2.28%. 2022: 1.15%

Ford: 2016: 3.77%, 2022: 1.06% (Farley said recently he looks at China as a cheap place to build for export, rather than trying to compete in the domestic Chinese market.)

Jeep 2016: 0.61% 2022: 0.01% (withdrawn from market)


VW has partnered with Xpeng to bring 2 new models to China market space.