is discussing an IPO not allowed on this board?


If it is a growth stock, of course you can discuss it: what it is, does, and why you like it, as well as revenue growth, and any other relevant financial info will generate more responses from the folks who read this board, rather than just submitting a post along the lines of “has anyone ever heard of ABC corp?”




Welcome to Saul’s Investing Discussions!

Since you are relatively new to this board, you may have overlooked Saul’s Monday Morning Rules of the Board: We DO bring new companies to this board, elaborating what the company does, citing pertinent financial information, such as revenue growth, margins, total addressable market, competition, etc., discussion.fool.com/monday-morning-rules-of-the-board-on-sunday-….

For Board Newcomers, discussion.fool.com/for-board-newcomers-34523167.aspx, was created to help newbies with getting oriented on this board dedicated to the discussion of rapidly growing, disruptive companies.

The section on How to present a new growth stock in a format that will generate lots of engagement gives you actual examples on how to do it.

Thanks for studying the above.

I. M. Young, Assistant Board Manager