Is Brookfield Corp (symbol BN) available for trading?

The old BAM distribution happened before opening of trading on Monday Dec 12th.

For every share of old BAM, an investor should have 1 share of BN and 0.25 shares of new BAM.

My account in TDA shows the new BAM shares, which I can trade. But the BN shares are shown with a symbol 112585104 and my position cannot be traded.

TDA customer rep said they have not yet received the new BN shares and usually it takes a couple of business days for that to happen. Until then I cannot trade my BN position.

I see quotes available for BN in TDA’s trading platform and several million shares traded. I find it odd that TDA does not have the BN shares available in their customers holdings.

Have you received your BN distribution yet and is it available for trading?

Does the distribution practice vary by brokerage?

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I have a TDA account, No BN shares showing yet for me either.


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Today is Tuesday December 13. HTH…doc

This morning, 14 December, the new symbol is available for trading in my account.

So it wasn’t available for 2 trading days during the distribution.

I wonder if this delay is specific to TDA or other brokerages also took as long.

And how did over 4 million shares trade on 13 Dec, if the new BN shares weren’t available till today?

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