Is floating solar catching on near you?

“We have this 14-acre water reservoir,” he said.

Seaman-Graves soon found the reservoir could hold enough solar panels to power all the municipal buildings and streetlights, saving the city more than $500,000 each year. He had stumbled upon a form of clean energy that is steeply ramping up.

Floating solar panel systems are beginning to boom in the United States after rapid growth in Asia. They’re attractive not just for their clean power and lack of a land footprint, but because they also conserve water by preventing evaporation.

  • If the solar panels cover too much of a water body’s surface, dissolved oxygen levels could change and water temperature will drop, which could harm aquatic life. Researchers are looking into whether the electromagnetic fields generated by cables could negatively influence aquatic ecosystems*

There are some downsides…


And here I thought we were concerned with oceans heating up, not cooling down. :man_shrugging:


States in the NE US are rushing to put in these “ocean coolers” to KEEP THE LOBSTERS IN THE US.


Do you have a link? Thanks.

No. That was supposed to be a joke, but the symbols got removed by the software. However, some states do cray-cray things…


How are we supposed to tell when the joke is that bad?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Or that credible…