It is not just clorox

Many stocks that hit low’s for the year in Oct, have sharply rallied in November. For ex, CLX rallied 24.4% in one month.

ITA the aerospace & Defense ETF which hit $102.02 on Oct 6th rallied to $126.6 to close the year, 24.1% rally. In addition to that, that was the price of $ITA on Feb 24th 2022, and the start of the Israeli war. I was bullish on $ITA because Russia-Ukraine war has depleted US arsenal. Even though US or its allies didn’t enter the war, they waged a proxy war resulting in depletion of the ammunition and arsenal. US has next 3 to 5 years of inventor build up ahead. Yet somehow I failed to buy at that time.

The reason I am positing this is, you need to have your shopping list ready, with the price targets and have guts to pull the trigger.