It was one of the cows

I’ve been off for the better part of three days. I know you all missed me terribly. :slight_smile:

A few months ago, they changed the connection method on my internet from xmitter/receiver to fiber optic cable between the tower and the house. 400 meters. They did a low tech installation of the higher tech fiber optics, stringing it between trees and where the distance was excessive, they fixed it to the top wire of the fence (which in places is barbed wire). Sure enough, in a couple of locations the cable was snugged down right over the tip of a barb. If you know cows, you know where the grass is greener. Where the hillside slope is particularly steep, the cow found it more profitable to put its neck over the top of the fence. And of course it was a maximum, just a half inch further, effort, it pressed the cable down and the barb went straight through center, severing the fiber optics. Today he returned and changed back to xmitter/receiver (Ubiquiti, of course). Big hurry because he is taking his wife to Thailand tomorrow. Hope nothing crashes while he is gone.

Being offline served to cement the three-day rule on UPST and left time to ponder a number of issues that Dreamer has posted. So, on to another post to address some portfolio thoughts.