Jack Ryan takes on price gouging realtors

{{ He is a co-author, with John Tamny, of a forthcoming book, “Bringing Adam Smith Into the American Home: A Case Against Home Ownership.” }}

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Lots of angry Realtors in the comments to the article {{ LOL }}



This is the money quote -

Realtors “work the PTA, the football games, the churches, the synagogue,”

The main reason politicians are terrified of realtors is because they have TIME. It’s the kind of job that doesn’t have regular hours, and leaves a lot of scheduling flexibility and free time. Sure a realtor might be busy Saturday afternoon showing 5 houses, or Wednesday after working hours showing a few more. But most of the workday is available. And between “knowing everyone”, basically being mostly extroverted, and having time, they can, and do, put in plenty of effort to support, or oppose, political campaigns. At the local level, realtors are heavily overrepresented INSIDE local politics, even as elected officials. Go to any event, and you are guaranteed to see one or more realtors sponsoring it, every kids sport, every charitable endeavor, anything public. Serves two purposes, one, it reminds local politicians to stay in line, and two, it provides publicity for their business.


“Go to any event, and you are guaranteed to see one or more realtors sponsoring it, every kids sport, every charitable endeavor, anything public”

yeah, I’ve noticed that,too. Americans as a whole really need to start reading between the lines, ask themselves why and what is behind a person or groups efforts to ingratiate themselves. Not going into the stats or studies people cite to steer a political bias, those are insidious and having a very detrimental effect on America, but this is the wrong place for that.

Same goes for “studies” touting health benefits of say, red wine, or chocolate, or whatever else is pitched. Or the Dave Ramsey “preferred local provider” or whatever he calls them. Anytime somebody is trying real hard to sway me, 1st question in my mind is how do they benefit. We all have “self-interests” in which we try to sway people or events toward our leanings, but the advertising blitz campaign that Americans are subject to everyday seems to be melting some brains, lol.


Where’s Tom Clancy when you need him?

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Yeah, it’s more than that. They’re hardwired to all the developers in town. They know who is developing what for business, they know who is buying houses for managers coming in, they know what industries are happening locally - and more importantly who is going to be in charge of them. They’re hardwired into the economy like only banker are, except there are vastly more of them in any locale, period.

Yeah, realtors have an inside track that most of us will never know about or experience. That’s what makes them powerful.