Jamin Ball's look back on Q4'21 earnings

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Since most of the people following this forum are cloud/SaaS investors, I wanted to share an insightful quantitative analysis from Jamin Ball on the Q4 2021 earnings. Interesting to see Datadog, Bill and Gitlab as his standout performers although there were quite a few companies that did well on his scorecard such as SentinelOne, Snowflake, Hashicorp, Crowdstrike and Confluent:


I thought this was a very useful analysis and worth sharing. Moderators: Apologies if this post is OT. If so, please delete.

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I always find his piece to be really helpful for an overview of the space. It’s amazing to see how so many SaaS companies are still down significantly from their 52-week highs. The same goes with the cybersecurity companies. Crowdstrike, though, has really held up better than many of the others. I’m a holder. I think in general cybersecurity is one of the best spots within the overall SaaS/Cloud landscape. It’s relatively defensive, with secular drivers. Every corporate has to invest in Cyber.

SaaS: https://viz.wiijii.co/chart/?id=Gxbfnu5lB0j00VtqZtmW
Cybersecurity: https://viz.wiijii.co/chart/?id=I0wHqT7qFacTsvpCgoo1