Joe The Plumber, Dead at 49

‘Joe The Plumber’ Famously Known For Confronting Obama Over Taxes, Dies At 49 (

I seem to remember that he wasn’t actually licensed to be a plumber, and that his reported income fell far short of the confiscatory tax rates he was complaining about. Perhaps is was an “aspirational” story?



A minority of people identified with the need to support stupid ideas and hold ignorant opinions instead of just being decent and honest. He did not help in his fame.

Was he a chain smoker? Maybe that final note if he was will help actually help a few people.

Or did he work with lead his whole career.

The word plumber comes from the Latin for lead. Chemical symbol Pb.

Lots of lead pipe, lead solder, and cast iron drain s sealed with lead.

He would have needed to work long and hard with some very old plumbing. He was not licensed as a plumber. Who hires him with no insurance? Not that many.

Article said pancreatic cancer. Most doctors say it’s like a visitation. Nothing you can really do to avoid it and nothing you can avoid to avoid it. I personally seem to notice a metabolic involvement among some victims. Alcohol would be one “cause”/correlation. Long term obesity another.

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The cases I’ve known, workmates, over the years, by the time they diagnosed it, it was too late, maybe a couple months at best, then gone…

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Smoking is the big causality.

Yes. There are apparently no outward symptoms, and by the time they suspect anything, you’re Stage 4. Early symptoms are “you feel just fine”.

I think if you had a family history of pancreatic cancer, you could do frequent MRIs of the pancreas to check for tumors, but that’s pretty expensive.


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No it is not. It is far too random. Post a url and have a nice day.

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