Just 4% of retirees "living the dream"

… and 4% “a nightmare.” Maybe that’s “the 4% rule”?



Can you imagine if SS and Medicare are cut ? It’ll be a lot more than 4% who think retirement is a nightmare if that happens.

And it is a real, non-zero possibility. People really need to consider who and what they’re voting for. So many think politician’s rhetoric, spoken while hugging the flag and standing near a church, are their true intent. People need to dig deeper, not believe the drivel spoken on the campaign trail.


I’m living the dream and things couldn’t be better.

And I think we should definitely believe what they are telling us! “Dictator for a day” and other blatherings are explaining exactly what their plans are.



What does “living the dream” even mean?

Were these people’s dreams realistic or were they pipe dreams from the beginning?


HA! Yes. That’s the first thought I had. Define “Dream”. Define “Nightmare.” And it’s sort of subjective like: What is a “good shave”?

And I’m willing to bet, as is the case almost every time in these things, that the people who are living on the edge, living the nightmare simply didn’t prepare. They whizzed away all the money, thought social security was gonna pay them 40 or 50 thousand a year then found out it wouldn’t. Then it’s blame The Man. Blame the immigrants. Blame the “Fat Cats” (Not that they can’t be blamed for all manner of things otherwise) Oh, and blame the socialists and the government.


That article sucks. It could have been written by ChatGPT. It reads like it was. There is absolutely zero meaningful, insightful or useful information in there except reporting the highest level results of some random poll and then recycling a bunch of recycled “maybe this, but maybe that too” tropes.


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So basically the standard kind of “journalism” today …


Heard elsewhere

Stormy Daniels real name is Stephanie Clifford. The press don’t care.

Imagine if Tom Hanks went on trial as Forrest Gump.

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Then the court would have to acknowledge he was VERY WEALTHY and did not have to prove his worth OR his ID.

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Tom Hanks never went around telling people he was Forest Gump, or published a book using that name, or introduced herself to people with that moniker, or accepted awards “as” that person. It’s common for people in the arts to take on a persona and to be identified that way.

If Marion Morrison were to take the stand, I doubt the headlines would say anything other than “John Wayne testified today”, and they would be right to, as that is the way the audience would understand it.


I also believe I heard that she was asked which name she preferred to be called for the trial.


So, within the realm of possibilities, the New York Times could send Stephanie Clifford to interview Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels)?

That could sell papers (and online subscriptions) :slight_smile:


Re: Living the dream

I have to question the 4%. What fraction of US households are headed by professionals? Median household income in the US was $74,580 in 2022. Most families can live comfortably on those numbers if they choose to.

Not all manage to live within their means. It helps to have a good marriage and avoid divorce.

Yes, saving for retirement should be possible. Shortage of funds can cause misery, but money still does not buy happiness.

Here’s the numbers from the Employee Benefit Research Institute

{{ According to EBRI estimates based on the latest Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, 3.2% of retirees have over $1 million in their retirement accounts, while just 0.1% have $5 million or more.

Of course, wealthier people likely have a smaller portion of their net worth in an IRA/401k.

This calculator says you need a $7 million net worth to enter the top 5% of 65-yr-olds. That’s certainly enough to fund a well-upholstered retirement just about anywhere in the country.



Mr Micawber would disagree.

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six , result happiness.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery”
― Charles Dickens, David Copperfield


Mr. Dickens didn’t take into account net worth. If one has a million pounds in the bank, then an annual deficit of six shillings is no big deal.


How do you say I’ve never read David Copperfield without saying I’ve never read David Copperfield?


The point is the perv is addressed properly but the female carries a Scarlet letter. If you think the press is not happily using that you are wrong