Just me ranting

Seeking Alpha has lists of ETFs. (E.g., linked below.) But when you dig into them. you’ll discover that many are highly correlated --hence, redundant to each other-- or so thinly traded as to be untradeable, or they are so highly concentrated in just a few stocks that you’re really just betting on those stocks alone.

E.g., REM has 68% of its weighting in just 10 stocks, and the top three make up 35% of the portfolio.

The one exception I found is XHB. Volume is decent. Its holding are wide. Its 0.67 correlation to supposed real estate indexes like VNQ or XLRE isn’t as high as I’d like. But chart overlays suggest that it’s a reasonable proxy.

So, now I just need to find another twenty or so ETFs to make a trading universe for 2023.