$KBE (Banking Sector ETF) Still Taking The Hardest Hits: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Charts

**Down 23% mid-month for March 2023. Down for the year.



2:00 PM look at $KBE . . . yeah, I’m staying away from all this for now. Just let things settle. Patience is all I need. Go do some yard work, listen to some great tunes, and work up a sweat.

Very dangerous trades being put on by amateurs all over this banking sector’s individual names. When it comes to meme stonk talk on redditt, I never thought I would see the day banks would be in play. I’ll just stand on the sidewalk and watch the parade of volatility blow past.

Here are two charts for thought:

$FAS and $FAZ…both 3x ETFs, so very dangerous to the normal investors. These are NOT LTBH etfs. These are trading vehicles for day and swing traders.

$FAZ - 3x Inverse Banking/Financial Sector
$FAS - 3x Long Banking/Financial Sector

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