Keep rolling up that debt

The personal finance firm found that 49% of credit card users carry a balance from one month to the next. That’s up a full 10 percentage points from 2021. Of those who revolve their balances, 58% — 56 million people — have been in debt for at least one year, according to Bankrate.


Not nearly as bad when one factors in inflation.

Delinquencies are climbing, but still well below the 30 year average.


Considering the rates banks charge it’s economic suicide to be used only in extreme situations and only for as short a time as possible.

The Captain


OK. I don’t disagree with you but it was only slightly less suicidal a few years ago when the Prime rate was 5.5% (and the APR would have been 19.24%) in 2018 vs the 8.50% rate it is today.

Doesn’t really relate to my prior comment.

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