Kitchen Over the Stove microwave gave out! HUMMMMMmmm

A Maytag MMV6178AAW unit, original one in 1994 gave out, I replaced it with this one, built in 2005, so it’s given us some years duty, but the plastic handle cracked, from the heat, apparently, could not see how to replace it, even after buying a new handle, so I’d epoxy it years ago… But now it’s stuck humming, even if unplugged, rebooted, no help. So not worth repairing… Paid $387 in 1994! Then it broke, repairs were a hassle with the Appliance store where we bought it, so the next failure I replaced it with this 2005 version, now it’s toast…

It would have been nice to find another, but it’s long since discontinued, so I need to find a decent replacement. So I’m looking for a ~30 inch unit, maybe white, but seeing the current one not handling the over-stove heat well, maybe a stainless one would be better, but DW has the final word…

Costco? Lowes? Online? Thoughts?

(When it rains it pours)

We recently replaced ours with a unit from Lowes that was on sale for around $250, IIRC. I was surprised to see them so cheap. It actually had died a couple of years earlier, but we bought a cheap countertop microwave to delay replacement until we replaced more appliances. Ours are currently white and I would prefer stainless, but we we decided to get another white one as we are going to sell the house next year and not redo the kitchen.



I suggest you check out the data set below. These people record their sales and service they provide. They will miss service by others - but it is a place to state.


One thing I insist on with a microwave is that it use an inverter for varying the power. The alternative is cycling on and off at 100% power. I use it a lot at less than 100%. For me this has always meant having a countertop Panasonic (from Costco). My house came with an over-the-stove microwave that I never use. I have no idea how available they are in that configuration.


Well, the search begins today, the old Maytag hums when the door is closed, not the turntable, so likely the klystron, since the interlock is the only thing that stops its HUMMMMM…

My DW, aka CFO, wants it replaced ASAP, but also wants White, as are the other appliances. So, I’ve dropped the links to her Inbox, I thought I had one at Costco, but White is Out of Stock… That was a GE…

The LG’s I see are WiFi enabled, not sure why that’s needed, but I don’t find a White version… A Maytag might just pop in with the same support brackets, but so far I’m not finding any.

GWPotter’s link does not include Over the Range microwaves…

Other appliances are Samsung Refridge, not happy with the finish, original freezer door was replaced, but this one’s finish is blistering near the water/ice dispenser… Bosch dishwasher has been OK, but we’re not locked into any brand other than reliable… Maytag Micro , as I noted earlier had it’s failures, too.

Thanks for the links, will see if we can find a unit, see how it fares with Consumer Reports, might be best to take a ride up 101 to Lowes, the floor guys there were the best for other appliances…

White, 30", availability are the keys. so far… Per my CFO.

Thanks again…


Seems like a useless feature that can just cause problems and waste energy staying connected.
Since most of my microwave usage is a few minutes at a time and possibly checking to see if warming leftovers is hot enough I can’t imagine why this would be useful. I don’t really need a downloaded recipe to see how long it takes to ~boil a cup of water.



Am reasonably sure this is the model we recently bought and find works well. Currently on sale for $299. A couple of the things we were looking for were the ability to use both the timer and the microwave at the same time, as well as have the power come on automatically when we pushed the +30 seconds button. Our countertop Panasonic, (with the inverter,) makes you push start as an additional step to the +30 button, unless of course you were just adding time to nuking something already in progress, which happened never.

We don’t use a lot of bells and whistles and I confess I have yet to read a microwave manual. I use it for reheating, mostly.

Note that we installed ourselves. Crazy overhead arm strength required. If we had to pay an arm and a leg to have someone do it for us, we may have gone higher end so that it didn’t cost more to install than buy!

who really was not wanting to spend a lot of money on this

We tried to go to this model, a GE JVM7195DKWW, but it’s out of stock nearly everywhere, there was one in SoCal and another in Indiana, from other Sellers, but they limit their shipping distances, so don’t allow even ordering or paying to ship. I’d like to stick to Costco, maybe call an see if they have any info… (I did call, their answer was to wait a week, to see it any came in…) :frowning:

The interior cleaning is a big seller s somehow the current SS interior stained, couldn’t be cleaned…

onward… The Search continues…

Update: Final answer was this one, from Home Depot, a different model, a tad pricier, but Ordered, Free Delivery, will be here Thursday, 3 days… Fastest of any similar we could find… Our Range is a GE Profile, via Lowes I think… That was fun, as I had to cut back granite tile o make it fit… So this will match…

They really tried to push Installation, for another $140, but I declined, did the one we have, replaced it, etc…

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One feature I can’t seem to avoid in microwaves is planned obsolescence. Since I mostly use mine to reheat coffee, or tortillas, a simple no frills model is fine. But… I am intrigued by low profile models:

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Since they don’t make it easy to determine the cavity size or the max distance between the plate and cavity ceiling, I’m inclined to think this is a problem for many users.

DW and I are not tall people and we were never fans of our over the stove microwave. We found it difficult to get things in and out and to keep clean. We also thought that it limited the size (height) of pans on our stove top.

So when we did a kitchen upgrade about 5 years ago, our kitchen designer recommended this model and we couldn’t be happier with it! No problems getting things in and out, and we have plenty of room over our new induction cooktop. Our was installed in our kitchen counter island.

We would recommend this type for those of you who might be vertically challenged!!


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DW & I are a mix, my 6’-2" means I’m the one called to reach or place things up high, or she uses a stool…

Originally, the micro was too close to the range, so I had to take it down, then the cabinet above down, and raise it up 3 or 4 inches, that meant my knocking the cabinet apart, cutting it down, then carfully cutting the doors down Then reinstalling the micro, extending the granite backsplash as well…

So the replacement needed to be the same size, but finding one was a pain… But it’s on the truck, be here Thursday… I’ll take the bad, bad old one out… Eventually take it apart, see what’s in there!

Update, Thursday @ 4 PM, the new Micro has arrived, awaiting my next moves, removing the old, prepping the space, etc…

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