Korea's SK Hynix investing over $1 Billion to improve its high-bandwidth memory capacity

SK Hynix, whose 4th generation HBM3 DRAM was approved by Nvidia for its H100 GPU, is racing to expand its ability to cater to Nvidia’s voracious demand

SK Hynix is the market leader in HBM, way ahead of #2 Samsung


Of course both Samsung and Micron are fighting back
‘Nvidia last year gave the nod to Samsung’s HBM chips, and the Suwon-based company said on February 26 that it had developed the fifth generation of the technology, HBM3E, with 12 layers of DRAM chips and the industry’s largest capacity of 36GB.’
On the same day, Boise, Idaho-based Micron surprised industry watchers by saying it had begun volume production of 24GB, eight-layer HBM3E, which will be part of Nvidia’s H200 Tensor Core units shipping in the second quarter.’


So frustrating. Wanted to invest in them when it became clear that HBM will be a big moneymaker for them, but you have to have a brokerage account in Korea or possibly in Luxembourg… I’m fancy but not that fancy

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