Krugman: China slowing economy not likely to impact the US or Europe

Barbie beat Oppenheim…which one showed in China? Want to take a guess?

We had a massive lockdown and masks for around a year give or take depending on whether you wandered out.

Then there were vaccines in 2021 that changed the calculus.

You are rewriting the history. Or you are listening to the self-proclaimed idiots against vaccines. Those who were selling snake oil before you were born.

@Goofyhoofy it would have been at least 2.5 million except for the vaccines. We could not really hide forever from a virus.

Got to say I think a lot of the anti-vax guys quietly wised up and got vaccinated. When people spread crap they know it. It is one more of those things when you have a best friend who is never wrong and certainly won’t admit being wrong wasting his time in life.

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The real question on Covid is what is the death rate now? Are cases reported merely positive test results? Are they hospitalized? Are the dying vaccinated? Have preexisting conditions?

Is there a real concern? Or are they merely pushing sales of vaccine?

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nobody famous has died of Covid in quite a while (cue the fact checkers going to google now to prove me wrong by finding some obscure B-list actor that died 3 months ago of Covid)