China does the usual…

China has banned some Taiwanese exports to China. This is actually a common occurrence.

I had an experience in college that really expanded my understanding of how we hear the news and see the world v how other countries might see us.

I was in the dorm study room looking over books left behind by other students. I saw a book out of Saudi Arabia that translated to English what was in the SA press. The year was 1982. The book was discussing how the west was the devil. It was incredibly angry and all about our evil. The book was quoting SA press reports over the prior ten years. It was an endless stream of hatred.

Point being China rattles its sword at Taiwan endlessly. We kind of know that. We are just seeing it fully right now. Our powers that be want to spend more on the military. It is warranted. JMO

Leap1, just to play the Devil’s Advocate, have you ever tried to decide how much of the news we hear about Russia, China, etc. is propaganda and does not represent an unbiased objective view?

China has goals, as do other countries, including the US. If you look back at recent US history, despite the government and media rhetoric of the time, not all of our international activity has been altruistic and much of it turned out to be in support of the interests of US companies rather than those of the people of the countries involved. (Just ask the Vietnamese, Indonesia, Iraqis, Venezuelans, Lebanese, Syrians et al).

As Charles de Gaul once said “France has interests, not allies”.




Of course I have and I agree.

The OP of mine was just that taking a good look.