Leaders in Lending Podcast Guests

Out of curiosity, I went through the guests on Upstart’s Leaders in Lending podcast to see how many of them had already announced partnerships with Upstart. As we know, many have.

If I’ve missed any announcements, let me know!

There have been 26 podcast episodes with leaders from lending institutions/associations. Of those, the following 11 are announced partners. (Most recent first)

Patelco Credit Union (Featured last month)
National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU)
First Federal Bank of Kansas City
Apple Bank
Water and Power Community Credit Union (WPCCU)
Customers Bank
Drummond Community Bank
Midwest BankCentre
First National Bank of Omaha
First Financial Bank (Featured 6 months ago)

The following 15 institutions have been featured on the podcast but as of yet are not announced partners. Again, most recent first. The first six have all been featured since Patelco, which was last month.

Axos Bank (Featured 6 days ago)
Unison Credit Union
Flagstar Bank
Liberty Bank (in CT)
Credit Union National Association (CUNA)
Ohio Teamsters Credit Union
USAA Consumer Lending
First Horizon Bank
Zions Bank
American Bankers Association
Wells Fargo (Featured 5 months ago)
Gateway Community Bank
TCF Bank
Consumer Bankers Association (Featured 6 months ago)

Will we get any of those announced tomorrow?




Just pointing out a couple things, which would adjust your list down to “11 institutions featured on podcast but are not known partners”:

LendKey is not a bank/CU. It is a fintech that partners with banks and CUs on student loans.

American Bankers Association is not a bank/CU, it is a trade association

TCF Bank actually was a partner of UPST (and used UPST’s white label service), but it then got acquired by Huntington Bank earlier this year. Last I checked on TCF Bank’s personal loan page (doesn’t seem to exist anymore), it rerouted you to Huntington’s.
I’ve checked periodically and from what I can tell, Huntington Bank at least does not use UPST’s white label service. No idea if they use UPST’s referral network.
But if they actually are an UPST partner, that would be a HUGE deal, as Huntington has 175B in assets. They are the 17th largest bank in the nation.

Consumer Bankers Association is not a bank/CU, it is a trade association. But, the guy featured on the podcast leads the CBA’s home equity committee. That person is a senior vice president/director of consumer lending at Liberty Bank in Connecticut ($7B assets). So, I guess Liberty Bank could be a potential partner (which you already listed there)


Thanks, JonWayne!

I wasn’t sure what to do with associations, since they can have a broad impact despite not being lenders themselves, as we saw with the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions.

The person on today’s podcast is from Abound Credit Union, and that partnership has already been announced (Oct. 13).

Maybe I missed another CBA podcast. The one I took note of had Richard Hunt as the guest, who is President and CEO of the CBA. It was the second podcast in the series, the first with an outside guest (7 mos. ago).

The person they interviewed for the Liberty Bank podcast (4 weeks ago) was Matt Cammarota, Head of Retail Lending.

Also, for those playing along at home, here is JonWayne’s post about bank partners from Aug. 15: https://discussion.fool.com/i39ve-been-trying-to-keep-track-of-t…. My list was meant to correlate with the podcast–there are more partners that have not appeared on the podcast.

I can’t believe they get someone in as a guest on the podcast and don’t pitch them on Upstart.

I’m both excited and terrified for the closing bell today–may the Market gods smile on this board!

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