Let me add a little color about Monday here

Let me add a little color here as I’ve heard so many people say that “companies in this field never succeed,” as their reason for not considering it.

Four year ago in the same quarter Monday had $13 million in revenue. This year they just announced $162 million. That’s more than twelve times as much revenue in four years!

Just three years ago Monday had 105 fifty thousand dollar customers. Now they have 1683 fifty thousand dollar customers. That’s sixteen times as many in just THREE years!

Just think about that. Sixteen times as many. If they had grown them by 100% each year they’d only have eight times as many. We have companies who brag if enterprise customers are up 20%.

Last year, they lost $16 million in Free Cash Flow in the quarter. This year for the quarter they had positive $39 million. Their Free Cash Flow Margin was 24% !!! Other companies promise 20% FCF margins sometime in the vague future.

Monday is not in the same category as those other companies that don’t succeed in this field.



The achievement of substantial FCF margin was the most humbling and unexpected result, versus one year ago. I did not expect MNDY would achieve this in a manner of 3-4 quarters. Share price is up +50% YoY.

That being said, I am not sure if one would have been “right” to buy MNDY one year ago to bet on this, as one could also ask SentinelOne: why didn’t you also give me 24% FCF margin? (Their share price is down -25% YoY.)