Let them eat Flakes

… heartwarming to see how some very special JCs do care about families in difficult times:

Let them eat Flakes: Kellogg’s CEO says poor families should consider ‘cereal for dinner’

Multimillionaire Gary Pilnick was excoriated on the internet, especially as cereal prices have risen 28% over the last four years

Unfortunately some naysayers are just ungrateful:

“This fool is making 4m bucks a year,” that user said. “Do you think he’s feeding his kids cereal for dinner?”


Recall that Kellogg’s split last year: slow growth cereals in one company, and the faster growing snacks in a different company, with the former CEO of the entire company hitching his wagon to the snacks company. I forget which one Pilnick is running.

I forget what the actual number is now, but the grain used to produce a box of cereal costs a few pennies. The dollars are in the processing, marked up to a handsome profit.

As for “JCs” caring about anyone but themselves, remember the CEO of Herman Miller, a year ago, telling her workers to forget about their not receiving a bonus for the year, and focus on the revenue and profit numbers that the CEO wants?..the Herman Miller CEO received her fat bonus for the year, but not the Proles.



Please tell me that you contracted YouTube to get that hero shot for the video tile.

Breakfast cereal does not sate my appetite, have to eat half a box to feel full…oh wait, that’s the business plan,lol. Another tone-deaf CEO giving “advice” that benefits his bottom line.


In the thread about contamination of oat cereal, I commented that, while the flavored Chex and Special-K tasted better, their rice base had little fiber and was not filling. As you say, I could eat half a box before feeling satisfied. Oat based Cheerios has more fiber, and is more filling. I suspect Raisin Bran would be more filling too,

The net is a wonderful thing. Fiber content at my finger tips:

Original Special K: <1g of fiber

Cheerios: 3.57g

Raisin Bran: 7g

From Raisin Bran, seems the next step would be cereal made from tree bark.



Thanks for remembering.

She did apologize though

“I feel terrible that my rallying cry seemed insensitive,” wrote Andi Owen, chief executive of office furniture giant MillerKnoll, in an email to staff Tuesday. “What I’d hoped would energize the team to meet a challenge we’ve met many times before landed in a way that I did not intend and for that I am sorry.”

… well, the way CEOs apologize these days - ‚I didn’t anticipate that my brilliant words would be taken the wrong way by you gnats‘. Yep she is still in charge.


I don’t care how much or how little CEOs make but sugar laden breakfast cereal is a good start to getting type 2 diabetes.

Wanna cut the CEOs pay? Stop eating sugar laden breakfast cereal. You’ll also save on medical bills.

The Captain


“…especially as cereal prices have risen 28% over the last four years.”

Not unusual. Inflation (CPI) is up 20% over the last four years. And then I remember something about Russia invading the Ukraine. Wheat, for example, is up 40% in four years.


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The blistering she got, all reported by the local media, didn’t leave her any choice but issue a statement that was probably ghost written by the PR department. she clearly doesn’t care about the Proles. Her only priority is making her numbers, so she gets her bonus. Herman Miller’s HQ is in Zeeland, quite close to Grand Rapids, so she was local news for the Grand Rapids media.

The “Young Turks” took a look at the goings on at Herman Miller.