LGIH: Houston employment by industry


Interestingly, energy makes up no more than 4% of the jobs in the Houston metro area.

This website has a lot of useful info about the Houston economy:


And here is some specific information on real estate:




I live in Houston.

I do not know if I would put a lot of faith in that number. That may be the percentage for people directly working with energy, but there is a lot of indirect. For example, I am an attorney and I know attorneys who work with energy clients. Those attorneys are slower. That may also be true for accountants and other services. It is especially true for the large commercial construction companies and engineers. I have a lot of friends working for energy and energy related companies and I know a number of people who have lost jobs in the last year.

My firm is also renewing its lease and our renewal rate is lower than our current rate.

However, I do think Houston is holding up well. I usually measure the economy in a very subjective way: how packed is the freeway during rush hour. I have noticed that rush hour is a little easier, but the freeway is still packed. I have noticed bigger changes in my commute in prior downturns.


Not to hijack this thread, but i live in Dallas so I thought I would jump in and give a Dallas report.

Dallas seems to be pretty much unaffected by the oil downturn. Traffic is was bad as it has ever been and houses appear to be saleing quite quickly. I also work for FedEx and package volume here seems to be unaffected which is usually a good barometer of the local economy. Construction here seems to be going full bore.

Keep in mind this is just one mans opinion.