Liberty University -- Den of Iniquity

New Clery report reveals that the school has been concealing its stats for years. Liberty combines the sex abuse stats of the Michigan State University with the crime of Detroit.

{{ The report, as Svrluga writes, “paints a picture of a university that discouraged people from reporting crimes, underreported the claims it received and, meanwhile, marketed its Virginia campus as one of the safest in the country.” The details are grim. According to the report, “Liberty failed to warn the campus community about gas leaks, bomb threats and people credibly accused of repeated acts of sexual violence — including a senior administrator and an athlete.”

A campus safety consultant told Svrluga, “This is the single most blistering Clery report I have ever read. Ever.” }}

Amazing that parents pay up to $50,000/yr to expose their kids to this.



Can anyone be truly surprised at any of this, though? The Falwell family and its minions have repeatedly flouted normal conventions and morality for decades.

We are a unique community that fosters the Fruit of the Spirit in students, faculty, staff and alumni.




The entire complex of Liberty Schools and Church are rooted in Jerry Falwell Sr. being an early and very successful entrepreneurial leader in providing racially segregated schools to parents intent on escaping civil rights era public schools under the guise of sectarian Christian education. The nationwide network of such schools, many making use of a “package” of marketing plans provided by Falwell Sr, provided the foundation for Falwell’s “Moral Majority”. Decades later, Liberty’s long time President Jerry Falwell Jr was the key to TOOWMNBN*** gaining the support of evangelical Christians in his mad successful run for President of the USA, see ‘It’s do as I say, not as I do’: the lurid fall of evangelical pariah Jerry Falwell Jr | Documentary films | The Guardian
TOOWMNBN*** = The Other One Who Must Not Be Named

david fb
(back in the 80’s I helped fund and myself trained as an early counselor for gay students seeking to survive at or escape “Christian Universities”, most of which had clearly discernible internal inquisitors who sought and oppressed their extremely vulnerable gay students. These days that work is largely carried on by those same early survivors.)


All hail “traditional American values”. When I was in college in Columbus, Ohio, back at the dawn of time, my roomies and I were watching the late news. During one of the ad breaks, there was a long advert for Bob Jones University. We looked at each-other in disbelief at the bigoted garbage that advert was spooling out.