Lightwave's top 5 stories from OFC

Found this video segment recapping the top 5 stories from OFC over on Lightwave today.…

Lightwave Editorial Director Stephen Hardy takes a look back at the Top 5 stories from OFC 2016 in Anaheim, CA. The data center space dominated discussions, but there were important line-side announcements as well.

The line-side announcement referenced above was about Infinera’s 2.4TB engine. It was #3 of the top 5. You can find Steve Hardy talk about it right at the the 2:30 mark.

Then, toward the end of the segment, Steve also talked about the street’s reaction to the Inphi news on the DCI system vendors and spoke about Infinera’s stock price in particular. He said the reaction was overblown and added “there still will be plenty of market demand for CloudXpress, WaveServer and all the other DCI platforms”. You can pick up that portion of the segment at the 4:15 mark.