Lithium: Albemarle announces investment plan for S Carolina lithium hydroxide plant

“company said it expects the South Carolina facility to annually produce about 50,000 metric tons of battery-grade lithium hydroxide, with the potential to double the output.”

“Construction is expected to begin late in 2024”


Yes, OT. Voters get what they vote for. Nothing you or I can do about it if we disagree. Red states have their agenda as do blue states. I prefer somewhere in the middle. Fewer laws directed at social problems; more fiscal responsibility.

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The reason I mention the SC drive for punishing abortion is that Albemarle may be in trouble with not supporting SC laws. Not many engineers want to live in a state that electricutes women for getting an abortion. How will Albermarle attract the best engineers and workers with this type of social barrier?

Albemarle was originally a paper company from Virginia. For years they were Ethyl Corporation making lead fluid for leaded gasoline. They apparently believe that skilled business managers can handle any business.

Extremism in the states is a growing problem. The voters have to resolve it. Companies may have to make their choices. Disney has troubles in Florida.

Sunbelt states have the advantage of nice weather, a willing labor force, and right to work.

Companies are smart enough to figure out which suit them best. Will Tesla leave Texas? He likes low taxes and a friendly environment. But leaves his engineers in California where its easier to hire them.

Lots of trade offs. No easy answers. I notice that Caterpiller left Chicago for Texas; Boeing left Chicago for Virginia. Amazon chose Virginia.

Some are redder than others.


Bechtel also went to Virginia which is a purple state.

I think you expect Virginia to have deep red traditions but blue input around the DC suburbs. DC suburbs probably growing fast. Norfolk/Hampton Rhodes military red. Richmond mostly red.

They must have fun at election time. In most states rural areas are powerful through the state senate.

Is Virginia more Democratic or Republican state?

In 2019, Democrats took full control of the state’s legislature, flipping at least two state senate seats and five state house seats from Republican to Democratic candidates. In 2021, Republicans retook control of the House of Delegates, flipping at least seven seats from Democratic to Republican candidates.

Virginia is allotted 11 seats in the U.S. House Of Representatives; currently, 6 seats are held by Democrats and 5 seats are held by Republicans.

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Not since 1964 and the ‘one man, one vote’ decision by the Supreme Court. All state legislative bodies are now proportional to population which weighs things toward the urban areas. Of course, gerrymandering is alive and well all over the country - urban, suburban, rural.