Live Shopify Sales Tracker

Pretty cool.


Very cool. They’ll clearly do 1 billion worth of sales, gmv, over this weekend. Any idea how that compares with last year?
(Currently doing approx 1million every 4 minutes, which will most likely increase).

Cool nontheless

That is a nice view on the business. Looks like most of the business is in USA, Canada giving the oppty for international expansion.

Here’s more colour regarding Shopfiy’s BCFM:

Sales per minute Peak in 2017 was $1.139,574 vs in 2016 at $555,716.
So over 100% more.
Total GMV ins 2017 over BCFM on Shopfiy was over 1 billion.

So shooting for 60% growth here, but at 1.6 billion, they’re unlikely to announce it as it’s not a nice round pretty number.


This is super fun. Thanks for posting, Austin!